Executive Summary

Our prospectus.

This prospectus gives an insight into N.M Customs Link P/L and how it is positioned to provide customs clearing, forwarding services and commodity broking to both profit making and non-profit making organizations. The major areas in which N.M Customs Link provides customs clearing and freight forwarding services are broadly International procurement, freight planning, implementation and tracking, customs and shipping documentation permits & licenses plus Insurance. We handle goods forwarded on multimodal modes of transportation, thus Seafreight, Airfreight, Roadfreight, Rail and Pipeline.

To ensure that our promise, (which we undertake to deliver) is effectively carried through, we will gladly enter into service level agreements with our clients. The service level agreements we enter into with clients on engagement clearly spell out the tasks and performance targets to be achieved by both parties. We seek to experience growth through transparent and honesty means to enable the building of a high level integrity for our clients and N.M Customs Link.
Cost of value addition: We quote our professional fees on the value addition we make to the client organization. The reduced overheads we enjoy as a result of our lean structure enable us to offer very competitive rates
Benefits: N.M Customs Link has survived through the challenging times since 2003 to date and we are committed to delivering our services to the client satisfaction. We collaborate with the client to help them realize their vision and create tangible value for the same. We have collective experience in understanding the unique needs of organisations in the import and export business (for profit and non profit). We are always at our best to providing solutions that make our clients
achieve their goals.

We will gladly present our service offerings as well as discuss further any issues our potential clients may want clarified at no cost to the client. The performance measures used always supports our services and delivers client satisfaction.

We are a proud member of the Shipping and Forwarding Agents’ Association of Zimbabwe, which it’s members are subject to a code of conduct

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is freight logistics?

Freight logistics refers to the planning, execution, and management of the transportation of goods and materials from one point to another. It involves various activities such as packaging, storing, handling, and distribution of goods.

2. What are the different modes of freight transportation?

There are several modes of transportation used in freight logistics, including:

• Road transport (trucks, trailers)
• Rail transport
• Air freight
• Maritime shipping
• Intermodal (combination of two or more modes)

3. What is the role of a freight logistics provider?

A freight logistics provider acts as an intermediary between shippers and carriers, managing the entire logistics process. Their role involves coordinating shipments, selecting the most suitable mode of transport, arranging documentation, optimizing routes, and ensuring timely delivery.

4. How can freight logistics benefit businesses?

Freight logistics provides numerous benefits to businesses, including:

• Cost reduction through optimized routing and consolidation of shipments
• Improved supply chain visibility and transparency
• Efficient inventory management
• Timely delivery of goods, leading to customer satisfaction
• Access to specialised expertise and technologies in logistics operations

5. How can logistics technology help in freight management?

Logistics technology, such as transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, and real-time tracking, plays a crucial role in enhancing freight management. It improves efficiency, visibility, and decision-making, optimizing route planning, managing inventory, and tracking goods throughout the supply chain.