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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is freight logistics?

Freight logistics refers to the planning, execution, and management of the transportation of goods and materials from one point to another. It involves various activities such as packaging, storing, handling, and distribution of goods.

2. What are the different modes of freight transportation?

There are several modes of transportation used in freight logistics, including:

• Road transport (trucks, trailers)
• Rail transport
• Air freight
• Maritime shipping
• Intermodal (combination of two or more modes)

3. What is the role of a freight logistics provider?

A freight logistics provider acts as an intermediary between shippers and carriers, managing the entire logistics process. Their role involves coordinating shipments, selecting the most suitable mode of transport, arranging documentation, optimising routes, and ensuring timely delivery.

4. How can freight logistics benefit businesses?

Freight logistics provides numerous benefits to businesses, including:

• Cost reduction through optimized routing and consolidation of shipments
• Improved supply chain visibility and transparency
• Efficient inventory management
• Timely delivery of goods, leading to customer satisfaction
• Access to specialised expertise and technologies in logistics operations

5. How can logistics technology help in freight management?

Logistics technology, such as transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, and real-time tracking, plays a crucial role in enhancing freight management. It improves efficiency, visibility, and decision-making, optimising route planning, managing inventory, and tracking goods throughout the supply chain.